A message from the board

Top program for top students
The Board of the Elite Graduate Program “Finance & Information Management” (FIM) takes pride in implementing our new and internationally unique program starting with the academic year 2004/2005. Our program seeks to advance innovative ideas and promote enduring knowledge for the top 1% of the highly gifted students in the fields of finance and information management.

Ranked top out of more than 100 applications by an international and well-reputed experts-commission, and equipped with the highest amount of both governmental funds and support by our highly renowned partner companies, our program strives to create an academic environment where outstanding students from around the world are constantly challenged and inspired to tap their full potential.

The purpose: developing leaders
Flexibility in learning, independence in study, research with deep impact based on a profound methodological education, outstanding faculty comprised of excellent educators and researchers who are leaders in their fields, the most superb resources in academia, international orientation, interdisciplinary teaching, and strong partnerships with some of the most reputed companies will provide for an environment that promotes technical, intellectual, and personal development. // (The Elite Graduate Program is a community of people focused on one purpose: developing leaders.)

Sustainable learning
Our graduates will use the skills they develop here to inspire change and innovation throughout their lives – in business, science and politics, in their communities, and in society and therefore shape the future with entrepreneurship and enthusiasm.

Discovering potential
By joining our program, the students will find a place with an opportunity to explore the frontiers of knowledge with some of the world’s most distinguished and creative minds from science and business. They will have a chance to develop and share their talents, as well as to elaborate their identity as individuals. As a center of influence for ideas, innovations, strategies, and talent, the Elite Graduate Program is designed to build a foundation for a lifetime of leadership.

We would like to thank our colleagues, our partners from business, the Bavarian State Ministry of Sciences, Research and the Arts, especially its representatives in the Elite Network of Bavaria, the Bavarian Minister President, Dr. Edmund Stoiber, the Bavarian State Chancellery, the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology, and all our other partners in the Greater Munich area (e.g. the University of Augsburg, the City of Augsburg, and the IHK Schwaben) as well as our staff who through their valuable support, enduring
feedback, and numerous efforts have made the realization of this ambitious program possible. We welcome your interest in our program and hope you stay connected, as we start and expand our program!
Prof. Dr. Hans Ulrich Buhl
Leading Scientist and Chairman of the Board

Prof. Dr. Rudi Zagst
Deputy Chairman of the Board

First-hand Reports

Read all about the activities, excursions and the life of the several classes. The reports are written as a diary. For that reason you can get a deep and realistic impression of FIM.

Class of 2016
"At the end of September on Thursday our official first schedule began. Having started with traditional Bavarian breakfast (Weißwurstfrühstück) with  Prof. Buhl, we had the opportunity to get acquainted with friends from various academic backgrounds ...“
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Class of 2012
"It was a Thursday as we 28 new students, with our wide variety of academic backgrounds, kicked off the ninth year of the elite graduate program ‘Finance & Information Management’ (FIM)...“
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Students of the Master Program Finance and Information Management

Class of 2011
"As always, the research projects were supervised by professors of the Technische Universität München and the University of Augsburg. Exemplary topics were “The creation of audience-specific sustainability reports with the use of information systems“
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Experiences of Students of the Master Program Finance and Information Management

Class of 2010
"Just before the beginning of the new term, in April 2011, we were invited by IBM to visit the company’s German headquarters in Ehningen.
The day started with a Demo Showcase on the topic of Business Analytics and IBM’s vision of a “smarter planet”. After that Mr. Settele gave an official welcome speech and a short overview of the agenda for the next two days."

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Students of the Master Program Finance and Information Management at the IBM headquarter

Class of 2009
"On Monday, 12 October, we, twenty motivated new FIM students of the class of 2009, started full of expectations into our first day at FIM. In the morning, we had a traditional Bavarian “Weißwurstfrühstück” after a short welcome speech given by the board members, Prof. Buhl and Prof. Zagst."
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Students of the Master Program Finance and Information Management during their welcome week

Class of 2008
"Vormittags, gegen 10 Uhr, werden wir von unserem Gastgeber und langjährigem FIM-Mentor, Dr. Johann Lex, im 35. Stock des O 2-Towers in München empfangen. Nach einer kurzen Begrüßung wird das Programm für den Tag vorgestellt. Es besteht aus drei verschieden, kurzen Vorträgen, einer Führung durch das Test- und Überwachungs-Center sowie abschließend einem Spaziergang über das Dach des nahegelegenen Olympiastadions."
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Students of the Master Program Finance and Information Management at O2

Class of 2007
"On Thursday we left our seminar room for some outdoor experience. Accompanied by two trainers from the outdoor-company Faszinatour we had to find our way through the woods with the help of GPS and compasses. Throughout the day we were introduced to some basic techniques to survive in the “wilderness”
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Students of the master program Finance and Information Management during the Winter School

A message from the former Bavarian Premier

Congratulations to Augsburg!

New challenges require innovative answers – and such an answer is given by the Elite Network of Bavaria. A glance at the curriculum of the ready-to-launch Elite Graduate Program “Finance & Information Management” shows: here, you get down to business. In four semesters the students experience a program which to call “demanding” would be quite an understatement. An academic program which goes beyond the scope of the disciplines, tightly associates with practical issues and offers intensive support by the professors. It really puts energy and concentration to the test. To pick an image from sports: the new program is like an 800m run – you have got to be fast like a sprinter and enduring like a long-distance runner.

As a reward, seductive prizes are offered: instead of Olympic medals, a professional qualification that opens all doors awaits those who complete this challenging program. In the figurative sense, one thing also applies here: not to win, but to participate is what is most important! The companies will know and value what it means if an applicant has accomplished “Augsburg”!

We are proud: The Elite Network of Bavaria dares a step that promotes the academic education of exceptionally capable and ambitious students. Thus, Augsburg blazes a new trail – also in collaboration with other universities.

I would like to combine my greetings with my gratitude for the people who created this new concept. I am very positive about its success.

Dr. Edmund Stoiber
Former Bavarian Premier