Program Start

  • Fall

Entry Requirements

  • Excellent bachelor's degree in business sciences, computer science, business & information systems engineering, (industrial) engineering, finance and mathematics or other related disciplines
  • Interdisciplinary interests
  • Practical experience
  • Active social involvement
  • Language competencies in German and English

Program Length

  • 4 semester / 24 month

Application Information

  • FIM is continued at the Technical University Munich in a joint program with the University of Bayreuth. For more information please visit the Website of TU Munich and University of Bayreuth.

Language of instruction

  • German
  • English

International Orientation

  • Partner universities all over the world
  • International business partners

Academic Degree

  • Master of science with honors

For the fifth consecutive time the Elite Graduate Program “Finance & Information Management” (FIM) has maintained the top rank in the nationwide CHE Master-Ranking. This prestigious achievement shows that FIM is the best CHE-rated economics master program in Germany. Click here for more information.

FIM offers its highly motivated students various exclusive benefits which enable them not only to successfully complete a unique and ambitious program but also prepare them for future career success in leadership-positions either in business, science or government.


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