Program Start

  • Fall

Entry Requirements

  • Excellent bachelor's degree in business sciences, computer science, business & information systems engineering, (industrial) engineering, finance and mathematics or other related disciplines
  • Interdisciplinary interests
  • Practical experience
  • Active social involvement
  • Language competencies in German and English

Program Length

  • 4 semester / 24 month

Application Deadlines

  • The application for the FIM class of 2018 is closed. We are looking forward to welcome our new students in october!

Language of instruction

  • German
  • English

International Orientation

  • Partner universities all over the world
  • International business partners

Academic Degree

  • Master of science with honors

FIM offers its highly motivated students various exclusive benefits which enable them not only to successfully complete a unique and ambitious program but also prepare them for future career success in leadership-positions either in business, science or government.


  • Blockchain-Hackathon in Bayreuth
    In der vergangenen Woche fand von Donnerstag bis Samstag unter dem Titel „Not Yet Another Hackathon?!“ der erste Blockchain-Hackathon an der Universität Bayreuth statt. ...
  • Integreat als Finalist der Google Impact Challenge!
    Die von FIM Studierenden gegründete App „Integreat“ wird nun schon von 40 Kommunen genutzt um Geflüchteten aus aller Welt den Start in Deutschland zu erleichtern. Die Anstrengungen von ...
  • Disruptive Technologies: Invention, Implementation, Implication
    Disruptive Technologies How does Innovation happen in large corporations? How are projects realized? What are the effects on individuals and society? We wholeheartedly invite you to ...
  • FIMspire – Social Entrepreneurship Talk
    The students of the 14th class of the elite network program “Finance and Information Management” cordially invite interested students to FIMspire Social Entrepreneurship Talk. ...
  • ERGO Day in Düsseldorf
    One of our newest partners „ERGO“, invited 60 of the current FIM students to its headquarter in Düsseldorf. On a Saturday in the beginning of march, after a challenging week of exams, ...

Business Partners