For the fourth consecutive time the Elite Graduate Program “Finance & Information Management” (FIM) has maintained the top rank in the nationwide CHE Master-Ranking. This prestigious achievement shows that FIM is one of the, if not the best, rated economics master program in Germany. 

In 12 out of 13 categories FIM manages to score the best result compared to all the evaluated study programs (not only economic ones) and is thus rewarded a score of 1,15 (best obtainable score being 1,00). 

The CHE ranking includes private as well as public institutions for comparison. The award, therefore, shows that FIM as a public, tuition-free program, is not only in the same league to compete with, but also outperforms costly programs offered by private institutions, as Professor Buhl (member of the FIM board) points out. It is noteworthy that the CHE Master-Ranking, apart from a professional review, also includes students’ opinions. Accordingly, the score achieved by FIM echoes a highly positive reception by the student body, Professor Buhl further mentions.  

The CHE Master-Ranking is published by the German non-profit Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung every three years since 2008. The Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung’s ranking of study programs is one of the most relevant and mentioned indicators for program quality in Germany. Detailed results can be found on “ZEIT Campus”

A detailed report about the CHE-Ranking can be found here:

CHE-Ranking Pressemeldung (German)