In November 2015 four FIM students participated in the “Bankathon“, a programming competition in Offenbach with the goal of developing new ideas in the Financial Technology sector. They received a special award given out by the event sponsor SAP.

The „Bankathon“ was hosted by the annual FinTech conference ExecIO, FinTech start­ups Figo and Gini and established firms like SAP and Comdirect. Teams from different backgrounds and nationalities took part in the competition that included 30 hours of non­stop coding and the presentation of the results to a jury of the hosting companies.

The FIM students Christopher Helm, Daniel Kehne and Simon Schlephorst from the class of 2014 as well as Christopher van Dun from the class of 2015 felt like there was still a lot of potential in the FinTech sector that needs uncovering. That is why they formed the team „FimTech“ and set out to create a mobile and social platform to connect bank customers and financial advisors. Their concept is based on the assumption that today’s young professionals do not have sufficient access to the world of investment and banking. FimTech wants them to get in touch with competent financial advisors whenever and wherever they want. Within the 30 hours of coding, the students were able to create a working prototype that also includes access to up-to-date financial data which is provided by the “Sentinel“ API developed by SAP.

This year’s winner „CocktailTrade“ convinced the jury with a search engine for stocks that basically feels like using google. FimTech was awarded a special prize by SAP for the most sophisticated and innovative use of their Sentinel API. The award included VIP tickets to a Bundesliga game of TSG 1899 Hoffenheim as well as the invitation to a start­up workshop at the SAP headquarters in Walldorf that will be held in early 2016.

We want to thank everybody involved in the „Bankathon“ for creating such a challenging and memorable event and especially SAP for investing so much time and effort into helping our FIM students further developing their idea.